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Technical Presentation Guidelines

Cancellation Policy If an author is unable to present an accepted paper, it is expected a co- author or colleague will make the presentation for the author to avoid cancellation. Cancellation of papers provides a scheduling hardship that jeopardizes the credibility of QNDE.
Verbal Presentations Meeting rooms will be equipped with: lectern, microphone, computer (laptop), projector, remote advancer, laser pointer, and screen.
PowerPoint™ Presentations Unless an author has been notified differently, talks should be prepared for a 17-minute presentation time and a 3-minute discussion period.
Presentations are to be uploaded method TBD.
To submit power point presentations, arrive no later than 20 minutes prior to the start of your session (AM or PM) with your presentation on a usb and ready for upload to the laptop in your session room. Presenters are to upload presentations no later than 20 minutes PRIOR to the start of their scheduled morning or afternoon session. Presentations will be available in a designated folder for access in each room at the start of your session.
Naming Presentation Files:
Day of week: M=Monday T=Tuesday W=Wednesday R=Thursday
  • Time of day: (0900a for 9:00 am and 0430p for 4:30 pm)
  • First initial of first name and then last name. (leave a space after the time and a period after your first initial.)
  • If you are presenting Thursday 9:00 am and you name is John Jones, name your presentation as follows: R0900a J.Jones.ppt
  • If you are presenting Tuesday at 4:30 pm and your name is John Jones: T0430p J.Jonesppt
If possible, rename other files that go with your presentation (such as videos) the same way but with the correct file extension. Then re-link the object back into the presentation.
Back-up file/s Please bring a backup copy of your file/s in a separate piece of luggage. Cloud resources are a good option.
A/V Technical Support Available upon request; technicians will NOT be assigned to meeting rooms.
Poster Presentations – QNDE will assign your poster a specific spot per category Posters are limited to 48” x 36” (landscape orientation).
Poster boards are 4 feet x 8 feet (horizontal display). 2 separate author poster presentations will be displayed on each board, 1 front, 1 back. Over-sized posters will not fit.

Restriction: Audio or Video Capturing: Due to copyright restrictions, strictly no recordings of any kind are permitted. Individuals not complying with this policy will be asked to leave a given session and asked to surrender the film or recording media.