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Symposium Conference Chairs

Symposium 1
Development and Characterization of Multifunctional Materials
Chair: Mohammad Malakooti, U. of Washington
Co-Chair: Amir Ameli, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Christopher Bowland, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Symposium 2
Mechanics & Behavior of Active Materials
Chair: Paris von Lockette, U. of Maryland
Co-Chair: Zhangxian Deng, Boise State University

Symposium 3
Modeling, Simulation and Control of Adaptive Systems
Chair: Giovanni Berselli, University of Genoa
Co-Chair: Abdessattar Abdelkefi, NMS University
Co-Chair: Jeff Hill, Brigham Young University

Symposium 4
Integrated System Design and Implementation
Chair: Patrick Musgrave, University of Florida
Co-Chair: Farhan Gandhi, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Co-Chair: Brent Bielefeld, Booz Allen Hamilton

Symposium 5
Structural Health Monitoring
Chair: Zhenhua Tian, Virginia Tech
Co-Chair: Sumit Gupta, ORNL

Symposium 6
Bioinspired Smart Materials and Systems
Chair: Vanessa Restrepo Perez, TAMU
Co-Chair: Cody Gonzales, University of Texas at San Antonio
Co-Chair: Matthew Bryant, North Carolina State University

Symposium 7
Energy Harvesting
Chair: Serife Tol, Univ. of Michigan
Co-Chair: Wei Che Tai, Michigan State University
Co-Chair: Lihua Tang, Univ. of Auckland

Special Symposium
Embodying Physical Computing and Mechano-Intelligence
Chair: Kon-Well Wang, University of Michigan
Co-Chair: Suyi Li, Virginia Tech
Co-Chair: Andres F. Arrieta, Purdue University

SMASIS in-action
Hardware Showcase
Chair: Maria Sakovsky, Stanford University
Co-Chair: Paul Gilmore, Toyota
Co-Chair: Cody Conzales, University of Texas at San Antonio

Industry forum
Chair: Paul Motzki, Saarland University/ZeMA

Student Events
Chair: Patrick Walgren, AFRL
Co-Chair: Rishikesh Srinivasaraghavan Govindarajan, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Student Best Paper
Chair: Vanessa Restrepo Perez, TAMU