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Student Poster Competition

The Student Poster Competition is a major event organized by the SAC at Turbo Expo. Presenting a poster is an excellent opportunity to display research outside of a paper while still contributing to the continuing advancements in the turbomachinery community. To be eligible to present a poster, the presenting author must have completed the research presented on the poster while seeking a degree at a university at an undergraduate (Bachelor's) or graduate level (Master's or PhD). Submit your research and contribute to the continuing conversation on advancements in turbine technology.

The following prizes will be awarded:

Important dates to add to your calendar:

Abstracts Due
February 1, 2023

Notification of Poster Abstract Acceptance
February 21, 2023

Author Notification of Reviewer Responses
May 19, 2023

Review Student Poster Guidelines Here



Turbo Expo 2023 Student Poster Presentations

Hynes Exhibit Hall: Tuesday, June 27, 2023, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Presenter Affiliation Poster Number Poster Title
Adrien Misandeau École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) de Montréal GT-2023 102675 Effect of Modern Nozzle Technologies on the Near-Field Contrail Properties Behind an Aircraft Engine Using a Cfd-Microphysics Coupling
Akchhay Kumar IIT Kharagpur GT-2023 110336 Innovative Lightweight Compression System Based on Axial-Centrifugal Contra-Rotating Concept
Andrew Cusator Purdue University GT-2023 110246 A New Research Facility for the Development of Fan Casing Treatments
Benedikt Schulten Technische Universität Braunschweig GT-2023 109897 Application of the Ifas Research Turbofan Engine V2500-A1 in Three Projects Across Mro and Engine Performance
Benjamin Francolini McGill University GT-2023 109924 Characterization of Differential Diffusion Effects for Lean, Premixed, Hydrogen-Enriched Flames in 3-D Metal-Printed Low-Swirl Burner
Byoung Woo Lim Korea University GT-2023 109316 Effects of Injection Angle on Film-Cooling Effectiveness of Slot-Type Holes in a Partial Cavity Tip
Cheng Ji Xi'an Jiaotong University GT-2023 108785 Optimization and Aerodynamic Sensitivity Analysis of Non-Axisymmetric Hub of Centrifugal Impeller
Christopher Loving UCF GT-2023 110172 Characterizing the Safety Limits for the Development of Hydrogen Gas Turbines
Cristian Avila KAUST GT-2023 109779 Pilot Flame Effect on the Structure of Turbulent Nh3-Ch4-Air Swirl Flames at Atmospheric Pressure Using a Reduced-Scale Burner
Dahae Jeong Pennsylvania State University GT-2023 110238 Cfd Analysis of Fluid Flow Over a Straight Five-Hole Probe
David Zamora Vasu Labs GT-2023 110328 Combustion Strategies for Ammonia Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines
Homin Lim Hanyang University GT-2023, 110370 Performance Predictions of Water-Lubricated Hydrostatic Thrust Bearings
Hwabhin Kwon Chang Won National University GT-2023 109650 Effect of Degradation of Thermal Barrier Coatings on Cooling Performance of Gas Turbine Vanes
Hyung-Hee Cho Yonsei University GT-2023 110291 Net Heat Flux Reduction of Film Cooling on the Nozzle Endwall With Purge Flow and Upstream Misalignment
Hyung-Hee Cho Yonsei University GT-2023, 110301 Heat Transfer Analysis of Subcritical Carbon Dioxide Jet Impingement on Submerged and Unconfined Flat Surface
Hyunsung Jung Hanyang Unversity GT-2023 110368 Floating Sleeve Hydrostatic Journal Bearings: Measurements of Static Load Characteristics and Comparisons to Conventional Hydrostatic Journal Bearings
James Cartlidge University of Oxford GT-2023 109950 Scaling of Overall Cooling Effectiveness From Laboratory to Engine Conditions
James Twaddle Purdue University GT-2023 110025 Experimental Assessment of a Trans-Sonic Rossiter Cavity in the Development of Acoustic Streaming
Jiyong Choi Multi-physics Modeling and Computation Lab, Yonsei University GT-2023 110308 Effect of Hole Arrangement at Profiled Endwall on Film Cooling Effectiveness
Jose Garcia KTH GT-2023 110325 The Role of Combined Cycle Gas Turbines as an Energy Storage Solution in a Hydrogen Economy
Kevin Boes Purdue GT-2023 110036 Mach 6 Water Table With Shock Generator
Kingsley Atomboh Colorado State University GT-2023 110369 Development of Advanced Hydrogen Fueled Gas Turbine Combustion System
Liam Boyd Penn State University GT-2023 110173 Novel Cooling Designs in Additively Manufactured Microchannels
Marzuqa Ahmed University of Central Florida GT-2023 110275 Investigation of Nox Emissions From Ammonia-Hydrogen Fuel in Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines
Meng Du University of Chinese Academy of Sciences GT-2023 108340 Heat and Mass Transfer Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Micro-Nano Pores in Air Injection Enhanced Oil Recovery of Shale Reservoirs Based on Online Ct and Nmr
Nicolas Krajnc Technical University Graz GT-2023 109900 The Impact of Different Inflow Complexity Levels on the Outflow of a Turbine Vane Frame
Pratikshya Mohanty Pennslyvania State University GT-2023 109202 Impact of a Central Pilot Jet on the Stability of a Swirling Flow
Ryan Smith Liburdi Turbine Services GT-2023 109802 Metallurgical Performance Comparison of Oem and After-Market 7fa Stage 1 Buckets
Sean Hanrahan The University of Melbourne GT-2023 110276 Predicting Transitional and Turbulent Flow Around a Turbine Blade With a Physics-Informed Neural Network
Seokmin Kim University of Science and Technology GT-2023, 109863 Large Eddy Simulations on Fan-Shaped Film Cooling Hole With Various Upstream Conditions
Sowmya Raghu University of South Carolina GT-2023 104260 Sr-30 Gas Turbine Engine Digital Twin
Taha Sherif Faculty of Engineering - Menoufia University GT-2023 108153 Design Optimization, System Modeling and Dynamic Analysis of Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Composite Blades
Tonghua Jia Xi'an jiaotong University GT-2023, 107927 Study on Under-Deposit Corrosion of Circulating Cooling Water Pipeline in Oil Refining Unit
Troy Krizak The Ohio State University GT-2023, 109718 Reduced Order Modeling of a Bladed Disk With Under-Platform Dampers
Valeria Pinto Politecnico di Torino GT-2023, 110344 The Impact of Contact Mistuning on Mode Shape Variation in Bladed Disks
Vamsikrishna Undavalli University of Alabama GT-2023 109049 Numerical Modeling of Ammonia Combustion Characteristics for Gas Turbine Application
Yuan Fang University of Melbourne GT-2023 110294 A Data-Driven Approach for Generalizing the Laminar Kinetic Energy Model for Separation and Bypass Transition in Low- and High-Pressure Turbines
Zakria Toor King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals GT-2023 106420 Parametric Design of Leading Edge Micro Cylinder for Power Augmentation of H-Type Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines