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Turbo Expo 2023 > Students > TEECE Turbo Expo Early Career Engineer Travel Award

TEECE Turbo Expo Early Career Engineer Travel Award

Information and Eligibility

The Turbo Expo Early Career Engineer Travel Award is intended for early career engineers working in industry, in government or in academia to obtain travel funding to attend ASME Turbo Expo to present a paper which they have authored or co-authored. The purpose is to provide a way for more to participate in the annual Turbo Expo.

What's included in the Travel Award?

  • One Complimentary ASME Turbo Expo Technical Conference Registration
  • Complimentary hotel accommodations (Sunday to Friday)
  • Up to $1,000 toward approved travel expenses

The nominee must have obtained an academic degree (Bachelor, Master, PhD, or equivalent degrees) in an engineering discipline related to turbomachinery within five years from the year of the Turbo Expo that the applicant wishes to attend. The paper or poster being presented can be research results from work completed either while pursuing an academic degree, or after leaving school and entering the job field. Post-doctoral researchers in academic institutions are eligible so long as they have been in post no longer than five years full time equivalent.

Application Requirements and Process

The application package must contain:

  1. A succinct motivational letter (max 1 page) illustrating reasons that should lead to a positive decision by the selection committee.
  2. The application form listing the data allowing to assess the eligibility of the applicant, duly signed. You can find that here.
  3. Any other document the applicant wishes to attach in order to support the application. Examples: Proof of outstanding awards, letters of recommendation, award recognition, etc.)

The selection committee rewards brevity: valuable accomplishments are self-explanatory.

Application deadline of February 1, 2023 has passed