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Keynote Session

Pathways to Net-Zero Carbon Emission

Date: Monday, June 26, 2023
Time: 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Third Floor, Ballroom A, B & C

Description: What leaps in innovation and technology are required to meet the net-zero goal by 2050? In this keynote session, industry leaders will examine solutions and pathways forward that strive to balance sustainability, reliability, and affordability. The conversation will be driven by speakers from a variety of professional backgrounds who bring multiple perspectives to this complex challenge. Paul Eremenko, Co-Founder and CEO of Universal Hydrogen, is a leading aviation pioneer, having served as CTO of both Airbus and United Technologies Corp., leading both companies aggressively toward electrification. Flavio Leo, Director, Aviation Planning and Strategy for the Massachusetts Port Authority, is responsible for near- and long-term aviation planning and policy development related to airport physical planning, airfield and airspace safety, and efficiency initiatives. And Anne E. White, Department Head of the Nuclear Science and Engineering Department at MIT, currently co-chairs the MIT Climate Nucleus, charged with managing and implementing MIT’s new climate action plan. Additional participants will be announced soon.


Paul Eremenko

Paul Eremenko
Co-Founder and CEO

Universal Hydrogen

Anne E. White

Anne E. White
Department Head of the Nuclear Science and Engineering Department

Flavio Leo

Flavio Leo
Director, Aviation Planning and Strategy

Massachusetts Port Authority


Zolti Spakovszky

Zolti Spakovszky
T. A. Wilson Professor in Aeronautics and Astronautics Head, Air Sector

Director, Gas Turbine Laboratory
MIT Gas Turbine Laboratory

Natalie Smith

Dr. Natalie Smith
Group Leader: Research & Development
Southwest Research Institute