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Aerospace & Defense

The Next Frontier for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

Created by the authorities on industrial digital twin implementation, the Digital Twin Summit will feature leading expert insights that will provide the knowledge to design, build, and sustain connected products and advanced operations that create customer value and improve your bottom line.

Learn how Boeing is pushing the boundaries of digital twin possibilities across all aspects of the product lifecycle and discovering new business opportunities to improve performance and delight customers.

Hear about some of the Department of Defense’s digital twin initiatives, including efforts currently underway and lessons learned about deploying digital twins in an organization as large, complex, and sometimes change resistant, as the DOD.

Volansi, a leading mission critical drone delivery company, will discuss the design and operation of their digital twin-enabled drone fleet and what’s next in their journey toward full autonomous flight capabilities in demanding environments.


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Exclusive Insights For Your Data-Driven Journey

Learn how to build an analytics-driven aerospace and defense enterprise with a competitive edge from the following sessions:

  • When is my Digital Twin Model ‘Good Enough’?
  • Digital Twins for Autonomous Aerial Transport Business Innovation
  • Optimizing New Product Development Using a Digital Twin
  • The Digital Twin Journey: Getting from Insights & Predictions to Impactful Business Value
  • Product Lifecycle Management in the Digital Twin Era
  • Unlocking the DOD's Digital Twin Era
  • Closing Keynote: Pushing Digital Twin Boundaries at Boeing

The Premier Industrial Community for Digital Twins

Join engineers, operations managers, data scientists, and manufacturers for two of days education, sourcing, and networking.

  • Learn concepts such as verification and validation and uncertainty quantification that are critical to building the confidence necessary to unlock the full capabilities of digital twins for the aerospace industry.
  • Discover how digital twins can reduce new product development costs when combined with system engineering principles.
  • See what it takes to deploy autonomous flight solutions safely and effectively.
  • Take the steps needed to build the digital thread by strategically digitizing your product lifecycle.


Aerospace & Defense Speakers

John Dong, PhD

John Dong, PhD
Senior Technical Fellow,

Josh Kaizer

Josh Kaizer
Reactor Systems Engineer,

Bruce Kaplan

Bruce Kaplan
Fellow, Logistics Integration & Strategy,

Michael Kapteyn

Michael Kapteyn
Graduate Research Assistant, Aerospace Computational Design Lab (ACDL),

Joyce Myers

Joyce Myers
Chief Data & Analytics Officer,

Will Roper, PhD

Will Roper, PhD

Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson
Mechanical Engineer,
Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division

Carl Wouters

Carl Wouters
Team Leader, Model Based Engineering,
Atlas Copco