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Aerospace & Defense

The Next Frontier for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

Digital twins enable Aerospace and Defense organizations to perceive risk, reduce uncertainty, and lower operating costs. Whether your organization’s assets are airplanes, ships, weapons, or satellites, our experts will provide the applications, architecture, and fundamentals you require to successfully adopt and scale digital twin capabilities.


On-Demand Access


Proven Digital Twin Strategies Across the Entire Aerospace & Defense Product Lifecycle

  • Reduce new product development costs by leveraging modeling and simulation.
  • Simulate real-world scenarios, like weather conditions or operational loads.
  • Learn key concepts such as verification and validation and uncertainty quantification.
  • Accurately predict the remaining useful life of an asset.
  • Minimize unplanned downtime for engines.
  • Decrease maintenance costs through predictive analytics.
  • Implement performance-based sales and service strategies.