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Medical Device

Medical Device Design for the Patient of Tomorrow

Although use of digital twins in medical device development are still in its infancy, advances in real-time data feeds, machine learning, and AR/VR have accelerated how we design, develop, test, and monitor medical devices. Join our experts for crucial discussions on how to efficiently design safety-critical devices, while continuously optimizing the performance of your device – regardless of environmental parameters or human variability.


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Proven Digital Twin Strategies Across the Entire Medical Device Lifecycle

  • Maximize device service life without compromising patient safety through predictive maintenance. 
  • Easily collate data to improve device uptime and customize new equipment for the needs of different patients.
  • Analyze performance metrics with a range of signals, such as vibrations, pressures, fluid levels and electrical voltages, as well as environmental parameters.
  • Embed digital twin capabilities into equipment to monitor operational performance.
  • Simulate human variability by testing a wide range of variations that may affect performance and safety.