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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Tim Frazier

Dr. Tim Frazier

Vice President – Research & Technology
Cummins Inc.

Presentation Title: A Critical and Credible Pathway to Zero Emissions

Biography: Tim Frazier is currently the Vice President of Research and Technology, where he leads teams responsible for developing the next generation technology solutions across the Cummins businesses and the rules and tools necessary to support proper integration. Tim joined Cummins in 1999 and has held a variety of development and leadership roles important to the improvement of criteria in emissions and energy conversion efficiency across the business. His teams are supporting the formation of Cummins advanced technology pathway towards a zero-carbon future. His teams actively support Cummins in both internal and external regulatory advocacy discussions across the globe. Tim obtained his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering specializing in ultra-low emissions technology from the University of Illinois. In addition, he holds a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering also from the University of Illinois.