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Special Student Session

Sunday August 18, 2019
2:00pm – 4:00pm
Redondo, 4th Floor

The modern faculty position is an exciting career path highlighted by freedom to conduct cutting edge research, by broad opportunities to positively impact the lives of youth through educational and technical training, and by infrastructures of instruction and scholarly activity uniquely found in academic institutions and universities. Yet for students interested to pursue a future faculty position, the road to the academic track profession may be clouded by a lack of behind-the-scenes insights, and what is involved in day-to-day professor engagements may only be known from a cursory level.

This Future Faculty Panel brings together students and current academic professors to shed light on the unknowns and to illuminate balanced techniques to pursue, secure, and thrive in the modern faculty position. Key guiding topics covered in the moderated panel include "Preparing for a Faculty Position", "From the Application to Day One", and "Creating a Career Devoted to Research, Education, and Service". Each topic will include time for opening faculty panel remarks and audience question-and-answers with the panel.

Please join us for this unique opportunity to learn a wealth of insights about the modern academic profession from faculty each at different stages of traversing this exciting career! If you have questions that you would like to ask in advance to help kick-off panelists Q&A, please email questions to Prof. Ryan L. Harne.