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InterPACK 2021 Workshop: Introduction to Robotics, AI and Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit ™

Wednesday, 27th October 2021 4 PM – 6:15 PM PDT

Abstract: Have fun as you learn about virtual robotics using Coderz platform, AI using Jupyter notebooks & Intel's OpenVINO toolkit ™, with this introductory course. From understanding sensors to programming missions, this course will equip you with virtual coding experience in programing robots or drones and understanding AI. No robot required. No prior experience required. A laptop with internet access and Chrome browser will do. This course will also enable you to set up after-school robotics /AI clubs for your local community children. These lessons are taught by award winning teams from Education Empowers Inc. (501 (c) non-profit) as well as Intel Industry professionals.

Be the first 30 to register and receive an Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick (NCS2, $70 value) and access to CoderZ for a year, from Education Empowers Inc.


  • Stewart Christie, Intel Corp.
  • Anna Prakash, Intel Corp. & Education Empowers Inc.
  • Elaina Ashton, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, & Education Empowers Inc.


Stewart Christie

Stewart Christie is an AI/IoT Evangelist in the Developer Enabling Team at Intel. His day job includes developing demo’s and teaching classes on AI Enhanced Computer Vision, primarily for use in the Retail and Hospitality industries, including remote management and digital signage use cases. Stewart is focused on the software side of the ecosystem, guiding developers building Inference at the Edge Applications in C/C++ and Python. He is an expert in the deployment of the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit, and the vPRO/AMT software solutions. While not working at Intel, Stewart plays with cameras, and robots, and builds robots with cameras. For his dedication and community outreach, Stewart has received the prestigious Presidential Service Awards.

You can follow Stewart on twitter @intel_stewart, and follow the robots on twitter@dalekleo


Anna Prakash

Anna Prakash began her engineering career working on LCDs, HDTVs and handheld communication devices. She joined Intel in 2004 as a Packaging R&D Engineer, focusing on automotive components, microLEDs & Aurora super computers. Anna has several patents & papers covering sensors and semiconductor packaging materials & process. Outside of work, Anna is passionate about promoting STEM education for local children. Along with her daughter Elaina, she co-founded Education Empowers Inc., a non-profit, to promote STEM education. Anna is the recipient of the 2019 Intel Hero award, Society of Women Engineers "Prism Award" and the IEEE STEM outreach award for her contribution to technology and the community. You can follow Anna on Twitter @AnnaPrakashAZ.



Elaina Ashton

Elaina Ashton is an Electrical Engineering student at Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona. Through Education Empowers Inc., she spends her weekends promoting robotics for girls and underserved children living in the Arizona community. For her dedication to STEM outreach, she received the Cox connect2STEM award, 18 under 18 award and the Chandler Mayor’s Youth of the Year award.