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Poster Session Assignment and Numbering

Thermal Management (15 posters of 1-15)

  1. Process Property Relationships of Inkjet Printed Copper on Flexible Substrate (InterPack2021-74079)
  2. The Effect of Heterogeneous Temperature on Lithium-Based Batteries (InterPack2021-74103)
  3. Characterization of Linear Viscoelasticity Evolution of Epoxy Molding Compound Subjected to High Temperature Long Term Aging (InterPack2021-76964)
  4. The Dynamics of Flow Through Porous Media for Application in Heat Pipe and Vapor Chamber (InterPack2021-76974)
  5. Pumping Power Saving for Rack Level Dynamic Direct to Chip Liquid Cooling Using Novel Flow Control Device and Control Strategy (InterPack2021-77025)
  6. Thermal Performance Studies of a Single-Phase Immersion Cooled 3rd Generation Open Compute Server Using Immersion Cooling Fluid/alumina Nanofluid Through Cfd Techniques (InterPack2021-77027)
  7. Thermal Design Analysis of Server Chassis Manifolds for Liquid Cooled Servers Using Cfd (InterPack2021-77075)
  8. Predicting Anisotropic Thermophysical Properties and Heat Generation Rates in Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Batteries (InterPack2021-77722)
  9. Thermal Characterization Approach for in Situ Estimation of Thermophysical Properties of an Inductor-Transformer Assembly within an Offboard Electric Vehicle Faster Charger (InterPack2021-77727)
  10. Design and Fabrication of a Bioinspired Evaporative Microcooler With an Array of Hollow Micropillar Structures (InterPack2021-77673)
  11. Cooling Performance of a Combined Microporous Wick and 3d Manifold μ-Cooler Under Uniform and Locally Varying Heat Dissipation via Thermal-Fluidic Coupled Simulations (InterPack2021-77743)
  12. Numerical Modeling of Thin Film Evaporation in Wicking Structures (InterPack2021-77739)
  13. Machine Learning for Enhanced Reliability in Thermal Energy Storage Using Phase Change Materials (InterPack2021-77771)
  14. 14. Enhanced Data Center Efficiency Using a Novel Two-Phase Heat Sink (InterPack2021-77737)
  15. Design and optimization guidelines for micropillar structures for enhanced evaporative cooling (InterPack2021-77676)

Mechanics and Reliability (13 posters of 21-33)

  1. High Strain Rate Mechanical Properties of Sac-Q Solder at Extreme Surrounding Temperatures for Up to 180 Days of Isothermal Aging (InterPack2021-75887)
  2. Interfacial Fracture of Epoxy-Pcb Interface Under Four Point Bend Loading With Long Term High Temperature Storage (InterPack2021-76621)
  3. High Strain Rate Material Characterization of Leadfree Sac Solder Alloys at Low Testing Temperatures After Prolonged Storage (InterPack2021-76622)
  4. Evaluation of High and Low Temperature High Strain Rate Mechanical Properties for Doped Solder Sac-R After Exposure to Isothermal Aging of 50°c Upto 240 Days (InterPack2021-76625)
  5. Effect of Fold Diameter on State of Health Degradation of Li-Ion Batteries Subjected to U-Flex-to-Install and Dynamic U-Fold Testing (InterPack2021-76626)
  6. Interaction of Process Parameter and Surface Preparation on the Interface Strength of Flexible Encapsulation in Fhe Applications (InterPack2021-76627)
  7. Rul Estimations of Sac305, Sac105 and Snpb Solders Under Combined Conditions of Temperature and Vibration Loads Using Lstm-Deep Learning Technique (InterPack2021-76663)
  8. Evolution of Prony Parameters for Underfills Subjected to High Temperature Long Term Aging (InterPack2021-76965)
  9. Design, Development, and Characterization of a Flow Control Device for Dynamic Cooling Liquid-Cooled Servers (InterPack2021-77026)
  10. Exploration of Multi-Physics Design Trade-Offs in a Multi-Chip Sic Mosfet Module With Integrated Cooling (InterPack2021-77796)
  11. Surface-Mount Component Attachment Using Electrically Conductive Adhesive and Low-Temperature Solder Material for Multilayer Flexible Circuit Development (InterPack2021-76629)
  12. The Impact of Various Test Conditions on Rth,jc Measurement (InterPack2021-77732)
  13. Studies on Reliability of Flexible Batteries Under Various Flexing Conditions (InterPack2021-76633)

The posters will be presented on the GatherTown platform. View the GatherTown guidelines here.