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Submission FAQ

What is the minimum requirement to have my paper published?
Your final paper must have been accepted for publication by the Technical Program Chair and Track Chair. Furthermore, you must provide a 10 minute video of your presentation and at least one of the authors must register for the virtual event at the latest by July 17, 2020.

Will my paper still be published if I don’t upload a presentation?
No. The Conference Organizing committee has established that the minimum requirements to publish include submitting a recorded presentation. Please see also the FAQ regarding the minimum requirement to have a paper published.

I am not allowed to upload a recorded presentation. Can I use the paper presentation slot for live Q&A instead?
No. Q&A is following a recorded presentation only on Thursday, August 6, 2020.

What will be the duration of a recorded paper presentation?
10 minutes.

What will be the duration of the paper presentations and presentation only sessions?
90 minutes.

My paper has been recommended for publication in one of the ASME Journals. When will the paper be processed?
The journal editors will start processing papers that have been recommended for publication in one of the ASME Journals once you have confirmed that your intention to have your paper published (to be done online in the webtool at the latest by July 17, 2020) and once you have paid the registration fee (at the latest by July 17, 2020).

I am a student and will graduate after the date of the physical ASME Conference. Do I still qualify for the discounted student registration fee?
Yes, as long as you graduate no later than the last day of the ASME 2020 Virtual Conference, August 6, 2020.

I am living in a time zone that does not allow me to participate in the live Q&A. What can I do?
As an attendee, you will have access to the presentations on-demand before the live event. You can pose your questions in the respective functionality of the conferencing software. If the author has chosen to participate in a live Q&A, the questions might be answered then. In case not all questions can be answered during the live Q&A or if an author will not participate in a live Q&A, staff will assist in having you getting in touch with the author via email.

I prefer presenting my paper at the ASME 2021 instead. What shall I do?
You must withdraw your paper by August 3, 2020. Please note that only papers that have not been published elsewhere might be published at the ASME 2021 Conferences. If your paper is unchanged with respect to the 2020 version, the paper will not undergo a new round of review and the 2020 paper decision will be applied in 2021. ASME will use the final accepted paper from 2020. If your paper has been modified in any way, it will need to undergo a new round of review beginning with an abstract submission. There will be no exceptions.

PheedLoop FAQ

What is PheedLoop?
PheedLoop is the chosen event platform. PheedLoop is an end-to-end live, virtual and hybrid event automation, monetization, and engagement platform for event organizers, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees.

What is the preferred website browser?
We highly recommend you use Google Chrome to navigate the site.

When will I receive access to the PheedLoop event page?
You will receive an email with login information on Sunday, August 2, 2020 at 9:00PM EDT.

How do I watch and look for On-Demand videos?
The final program and schedule at a glance will be available on the Power and ICONE websites. You will also receive access to a portal where you can navigate and find your paper details.

What time zone is PheedLoop on?
The official conference Time Zone is Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). This means all times on the website will be on EDT. The platform automatically changes the session times to your current Time Zone. For example, the schedule at a glance states the Keynote with Bill Magwood begins at 10:15AM EDT, I live in Idaho and on the platform it will say 8:15AM MDT.

I clicked the Back Button, how do I get back to the home page?
The system is not programmed to use the Back Button on your browser. Please navigate the platform by using the left side panel.

I am not getting notifications, what do I do?
We recommend that you enable all notification on your account to maximize your experience at the event. Go to your account settings and enable all notifications.

How do I vote for the People's choice Best Presentation Award?
Please access the voting portal here so you can vote for the People's Choice award. Each track will have a selected best presentation.