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Facility Tours

Honeywell Aerospace, Phoenix Engines FacilityFULL
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. (includes travel time)

Tour attendance is at maximum capacity.


Honeywell’s Engines assembly & test facility is located on an approximately 60-acre campus adjacent to Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. At this location, Honeywell designs and manufactures propulsion engines and auxiliary power units for a variety of commercial and military applications.

These include:

  • Turbofan engines for business aviation and regional airline aircraft.
  • Turboshaft engines for helicopter applications, with power ranging from 650 to 4500 shaft horsepower.
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) which supply from 40 up to 1400 equivalent shaft horsepower for all types of ground and airborne products.
Honeywell Tour 1
Honeywell Tour 3

Throughout its history, Honeywell’s Power System’s business has shipped over 125,000 propulsion systems and auxiliary power units to the market from this facility.

Transportation will be provided from the Phoenix Convention Center. The tour will include visits to an engine assembly area, a turbofan engine test cell, an additive manufacturing facility, and the Honeywell flight line. 

Salt River Project (SRP) Santan Power Generating Facility
Tuesday, June 18, 2019 and Wednesday, June 19th, 2019
1:00 – 4:30 pm (includes travel time)
$25 per person



CANCELLED — The Santan Generating Station was first constructed during the 1973-74 time frame to provide backup generating for the Salt River Project's portion of a large coat fired station being constructed in northern Arizona. It provided 288 MW of fast start generation using fuel oil since natural gas fuel was not available at that time. The plant consisted for 4 each GE Frame 7B gas turbines, 4 each generators, 4 each steam turbines and 4 each waste heat steam generators (HRSGs). Each of the 4 units was on a single shaft, with a gas turbine and a steam turbine attached to either end of each generator. These were the first Frame 7B turbines built using this single shaft configuration by the General Electric Company. The gas turbines have since been through several upgrades to the combustion systems, hot gas paths and compressors. Units 5 and 6 were constructed during the 2005-2006 time frame and added an additional 850 MW output to the plant. These units consisted of 3 each GE Frame 7FA gas turbines, 3 each Alstom HRSGs and GE D-11 steam turbines. These units were added to provided additional generation for peak summer loads. This plant tour will provide a good cross section of the combined cycle equipment that the General Electric Company has provided in the past.

In order to be considered for this facility tour, each facility tour attendee must:

  • Fill out the pre-screening application.
  • Pay the $25 transportation fee by calling Toll Free: (888) 665-1370 / International: (801) 505-5265. Mention that this to pay for the Salt River Project (SRP) SanTan Power Plant which is being held during the ASME 2019 Turbo Expo Conference.

Registration questions for the SRP Facility Tour should be sent to