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ICEF 2023 > Program > Technical Poster Session

Technical Poster Session

Sunday, October 8 | 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
(During the Welcome Reception)


Technical Poster Presenters

Flavio Dal Forno Chuahy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
111113 Computational Modeling of a 1:10 and 1:1 Scale Large-Bore Marine Two-Stroke Engine

Scott Curran, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
109040 Cyclic Variability of Low-Load Dual-Fuel Ammonia Combustion for Marine Applications Using a Port Fuel Injection System on a 6.7l Four-Stroke Diesel Engine

Scott Curran, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
120440 Initial Experimental Results for Lean Natural Gas Combustion in a Pre-Chamber Spark-Ignition Heavy-Duty Multi-Cylinder Engine

Muhannad Hendy, University of Alabama
120666 Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Cyclic Combustion Variations in Dual Fuel Low Temperature Combustion

Brian Kaul, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
120428 Emissions and Efficiency Impacts of Biodiesel/very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil Blends in the Enterprise Research Engine

Prateek Khatri, University at Buffalo
110160 Thermally Stable Pd/ssz-13 Catalysts With Excellent Methane Oxidation Activity Under Lean Conditions

William Partridge, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague 110505 What Is the Best Configuration of Sampling Capillary for Fast-Spacims in Catalytic Monoliths?

Joshua Landis, University of Massachusetts Lowell 120546 Analysis of Nox Production & Ammonia Generation Efficiency in Ammonia/hydrogen Combustion Engines

Shawn Reggeti, University of Minnesota
120637 Turbulent Jet Ignition for Ammonia Engines with an Actively Fueled Pre-Chamber

Poonam Rani, University of Virginia
110167 Impact of Engine Oil Derived Species on the Performance of Cu-Sssz-13 SCR Catalysts

Arun Ravi Varma, Carnegie Mellon University
111707 CFD Model Development for Highly Dilute Stoichiometric Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Engines


Kalyan Srinvasan

Kalyan Srinivasan, PhD
Professor, University of Alabama
ASME ICED Technical Poster Chair

For questions about the technical content regarding the technical poster presentation session, please contact