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Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities designed to maximize your company's visibility. The sponsorship program provides even more ways to stand out from the crowd and make the most of your budget. View the prospectus.

All Sponsors receive recognition:

  • On the official show web site and on the conference app
  • On signage posted during the show

Sponsorship Packages

Attendee Bag Insert

Include company literature, promotional items or giveaways in the attendee registration packets. We will place one item in the tote bags for attendees as they register. Include invitations to visit your booth or announcements of product demonstrations or other giveaways. This is a great way to ensure you reach everyone in attendance at Power!

Conference App

Company name and logo listed on the conference app


Conference Audio-Visual

For maximum visibility in the session rooms, your logo will be posted on the audio-visual screens in the session rooms prior to presentations. Don’t miss this opportunity.
($3,000.00) Limit one sponsor.

Conference Bags

Company logo and event logo imprinted on bags given to all attendees, visible at the event and afterwards.

($3,000.00) OR produce the bags for $1,500.00 plus production costs. ASME needs to approve the final design. Limit one sponsor.

Conference Coffee Break

For great conference visibility, sponsor the session coffee breaks. Select the day of your choice. You may place literature or giveaways on the break stations.
($1,500.00) Limit one daily sponsor.

Conference WiFi

Company name and logo will be displayed in the network ID and in the splash page each time an attendee logs on to the network using WiFi services at the venue.

($2,000.00) Limit one sponsor.

Delegate Lunches

This sponsorship will allow for you to provide brochures and/or giveaways for the attendees on the lunch tables. Includes 10 minute presentation during lunch. Logo signage will be provided.
($5,000.00) Limit one sponsor daily.

Name Badge Lanyards

Gain maximum visibility with colorful badge lanyards displaying your company name and/or logo. Your neck cords are available during registration.
($2,000.00) OR supply your own lanyards for $1,000.00 plus production costs. ASME needs to approve the final design. Limit one sponsor.

Student Poster Session

Student Reception –Excellent opportunity to meet with rising engineers in the industry. Sponsoring company may provide company literature at the event along with the company logo displayed on signage at the event. Your company will be announced as the sponsor of the event.
($5,000.00) Limit three sponsors.

Water Bottles

This sponsorship includes your company logo at all of the Show water stations. Showcase your "green" message by providing environmentally friendly water bottles with your company name or logo.

($1,000.00 for the week) Limit one sponsor.

Custom Sponsorships

Contact Keli Bell-Cole today to discuss the sponsorship that works best for you. ASME will work with you to customize a sponsorship that allows you the best visibility and return on your investment.


ASME Sponsor & Exhibitor Services

Keli Bell-Cole, CMP, CEM
2 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Phone: (212) 591-8013

Josalind Mercado
2 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Phone: (212) 591-7371