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The Future of the Internal Combustion Engine Webinar Series


October 16-19, 2022

ICE Forward 2022 Conference

Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Downtown Union Station Hotel
Indianapolis, IN, USA


July 22, 2022

Evolution of the Internal Combustion Engine for Ultra-High Efficiency and Near-zero Emissions: RCCI and GCI

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Evolution of Light-duty Gasoline Compression Ignition (LD-GCI) for High Efficiency and Near-zero Emissions

Is the RCCI "THE" Practical Lowtemperature Combustion of the future?


April 13, 2022

Decarbonizing Engines using Green Ammonia and e-Fuels

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Decarbonizing Engines using Green Ammonia and e-Fuels

Potential for eFuels as a Drop-in Replacement for ICE


July 27, 2021

Reimagining IC Engine Development Leveraging Next-Generation HPC and AI

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June 4, 2021

The Electrified Engine for a Sustainable Future

  • How electrification and combustion work together to improve efficiency and emissions
  • Both SI and CI engines will be discussed
  • Speakers: Terry Alger & Charlie Roberts
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View the presentation slides:

Heavy Duty and Non-Road IC Engine Future

Creating a Sustainable Future for the IC Engine through Electrification


March 25, 2021

The IC Engines Role in a Decarbonizing Society

  • Importance and challenges of decarbonizing the transportation sector
  • Untangling the myths of internal combustion
  • Speaker: Kelly Senecal
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