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Arthur Erdman

Arthur Erdman

Arthur Erdman
University of Minnesota

Presenting in Track 6: Biomedical & Biotechnology Engineering

Presentation Title: Challenges in the Medical Device Design

Abstract: Mechanical Engineering curriculums are much better than in the past at including open ended design experiences. However, the medical device design process is more complex and challenging than other product design areas that are not regulated carefully. A ME senior design team may have a project sponsored by a medical device company, but without training in the areas of anatomy, physiology and appropriate disease states, it's not likely that an idea to bedside useful solution will occur.

A graduate from a biomedical engineering program will have much more general knowledge about the human body systems but usually the fundamental engineering principles can be glossed over due to time constraints in most BME curriculums. Cross functional teams, including engineers, medical experts, regulatory and reimbursement folks are essential to developing appropriate solutions to healthcare problems. Large companies either have employees or access to expertise in all these areas. Small and start up companies struggle to gain timely information as they proceed through a product development cycle.

Some Universities have found ways to supplement traditional degrees to help address this issue. Some examples of successful deployment of product development principles for improving healthcare will be presented and discussed.

In instances where the medical device industry integrates closely with University programs, the appropriate training is accelerated. One such example is the development of the Coventor during the early months of the onset of Covid.

Biography: Arthur G. Erdman, P.E., is the Richard C. Jordan Professor and a Distinguished Teaching Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota, specializing in mechanical design, bioengineering and product design. He is the Founding Director of the Earl Bakken Medical Devices Center at the U of MN and was also the Co-Founding Editor of the ASME Journal of Medical Devices. He received his BS degree at Rutgers University, his MS and Ph.D. at RPI. Dr. Erdman has published over 395 technical papers, 3 books, is co-inventor of over 48 patents and shares 9 Best Paper Awards with his colleagues. He has consulted at over 50 companies in mechanical, biomedical and product design. He has received a number of ASME awards including the Machine Design Award, the Outstanding Design Educator Award and the Savio L-Y Woo Translational Biomechanics Medal. He has also been the Chair of twenty-three Design of Medical Devices Conferences.