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What's New

New Track at IMECE 2024 – Advancements in Industry

The 2024 International Mechanical Congress and Exposition (IMECE) is introducing a new track dedicated to Industry Innovation entitled “Advancements in Industry.” This Industry Track serves as a platform to address pressing challenges and explore transformative solutions that define the trajectory of emerging technologies. We invite industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators to submit their cutting-edge research and insights. This is a unique opportunity for this group to identify and present the issues they are facing to those in the broader mechanical engineering community with a call for action.

Conference to Journal (C2J) Initiative

We are pleased to announce our continued program of offering the Conference-to-Journal (C2J) initiative. During the IMECE paper review process, if a paper is deemed to be journal quality by the reviewers, it undergoes a screening and second review by the journals for consideration. If accepted by the respective journal, the paper is then converted to a technical presentation for the conference and the author(s) of the paper must still follow the Presentation Requirements for IMECE for the paper to be finally accepted in the journal, wherein authors of papers that are ranked as high-quality by the IMECE reviewers are given the opportunity to have their conference paper published in an ASME Journal instead of in the conference proceedings. Journals that participated in 2023 (IMECE and other ASME conferences) included the Journal of Medical Diagnostics and Therapy, ASME Letters in Dynamic Systems and Control, Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, Journal of Fluids Engineering, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing, and others!

Opening Receptions and Socials

Networking is a primary reason to attend conferences! We will be moving our Opening Ceremony and Reception from Sunday afternoon to Monday evening! We have also decided to add a closing reception on Thursday. Other ideas for mid-week breaks are in development, stay tuned!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Paper Competition

2024 IMECE is pleased to announce a "Best Paper Competition" within one of ASME's Emerging Strategic Areas, "Artificial Intelligence." The winners of the Ten (10) Best Papers from across all 2024 IMECE Tracks will be provided with Open Access at no charge. The deadline for Abstract Submissions is March 19, 2024. Winners will be notified by September 30, 2024.

Invited Technical Presentations and Special Lectures

IMECE will allow one "Invited Presentation" per topic. This person will have the regular technical allotted time slot and should be the first presentation in the respective technical session.

IMECE will still allocate a higher level group of speakers for a “Special Lecture” time slot based on the previous allocation rule 1/40 presentations. This speaker would get the double time slot.

The ASME Rising Stars of Mechanical Engineering Celebration and Showcase

The ASME Rising Stars of Mechanical Engineering Celebration and Showcase at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) is a prestigious event designed to honor early-career researchers who have received recognition through NSF CAREER, ONR YIP, AFOSR YIP, DARPA YFA, and NIH New Innovator Awards. This reception-style celebration will take place on Tuesday, November 18, from 5:30-7:00pm and commences with a brief introduction, followed by a poster session during which Principal Investigators (PIs) are invited to present their innovative work. Subsequently, a networking period allows PIs to connect with their peers and other professionals in the field.

In preparation for the event, registered PIs and their projects gain exposure through the ASME IMECE website, which features their photographs and bios. At the reception, each PI is awarded the "ASME Rising Star of Mechanical Engineering" certificate, recognizing their contributions and achievements. In 2023, IMECE had 13 NSF program managers in attendance, and the 2024 aim is to expand this by including additional program managers from various agencies. This provides an unparalleled opportunity for PIs to network with their program managers, engage with the community, and receive acknowledgment for their accomplishments in a supportive and celebratory environment.

New Topics at IMECE 2024

IMECE is unique because the Topics are not determined by the Organizing Committee! They are proposed by the ASME IMECE Technical Committees. This model gives maximum control to the Tracks to keep a mixture of strong historical Topics as well as new Topics every year. In 2024, over 1/3 of the Topics are new or modified from previous years. Some new Topics in 2024 include:

Topic Name Track Number
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning in Dynamics, Vibrations, and Control Track 1
Computer Aided Design for X Track 2
Nanomanufacturing: Novel Processes, Applications, and Process-Property Relationships Track 3
Symposium on Circular Economy & Sustainable Production Strategies Track 3
Symposium on Circular Economy & Sustainable Production Strategies Track 3
Cold Spray & Solid-State Additive Manufacturing Track 3
Semiconductor, Microelectronics, and Quantum Manufacturing Track 3
Laser-Matter Interaction in Additive Manufacturing Track 4
Advanced Material Innovations in Wearable Biomedical Devices and Structures Track 4
Student Symposium for the Materials Division Track 4
Applications of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in Aerospace Engineering Track 5
Multifunctional Structures for Space and In-space Manufacturing and Assembly Track 5
Biomaterials and Tissue: Modelling, Fabrication and Characterization Track 6
Powertrain Dynamics for Electric Vehicle Propulsion Track 7
Advances in Rotor Dynamics Track 7
Environmental Impact of Energy Systems and Components Optimization Track 8
Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Integrated Hydrogen Energy Systems Track 8
Sustainability, Efficiency, Competencies for Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0, Learning Factories, Ethical Dimensions, Safety and Complexity Issues Track 9
Engineering Accreditation, Curricular Reforms and Revisions, ABET Assessment, Continuous Education Track 9
Applications of Plasma Flow Track 10
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science for Thermal Processes, Heat Transfer and Energy Systems Track 11
Transport Properties of Energy Carriers Track 11
Advances in Combustion Science and Gas Turbine Heat Transfer for Reduced Environmental Impact Track 11
Approaches for Open Materials Data and Dataset Standardization in Mechanics Track 12
Friction, Fracture, and Damage Track 12
Inertial Navigation: MEMS/NEMS to Bio-Inspired Track 13
Reliability and Safety in Industrial Automation, Mechatronic, and Robotic Systems Track 14