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Program Overview

IMECE Technical Introduction

The International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) is ASME's largest research and development (R&D) conference focused primarily on mechanical engineering while encompassing perspectives from many engineering disciplines. Each year, roughly 2,400 papers, presentations, and posters are presented at IMECE in 17 core tracks. Attendees include the leading researchers in their representative disciplines from academia, government, and industry R&D labs. The greatest strength of IMECE is the breadth of research presented. With approximately 30 parallel sessions running over a 4-day technical program, every field is addressed. From critical advancements in mature fields to new and innovative areas of R&D.

IMECE Keynotes include the world leaders in Mechanical Engineering and are consistently rated as a top reason to attend IMECE. Past Keynote speakers included a Noble Prize winner and high-ranking officers (e.g., Vice President and CEO) of Fortune 500 companies. Another 25 track plenaries included topic-specific leaders and award recipients.