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Program Tracks and Descriptions

Heterogeneous Integration

Advanced Packaging, Thermal Management, Die Stacking, Multichip Modules, Interconnect Technology, Substrate Technology, Through Silicon Vias, Wafer Level Packaging (Fan-in, Fan-out), Panel Level Packaging, System in Package, Microsystems Integration, RF Packaging, Advanced Materials and Processes, Chip Package Interaction, Modeling, Characterization and Reliability for Integrated Devices, Electronic Materials, Underfills, Molding Compounds, Substrates, Dielectrics, Servers of the Future

Edge and Cloud Computing:

Data Centers and Energy-Efficient Electronic Systems, Cloud Computing Hardware, Edge-to-Cloud Systems, Rack-Level Cooling, Thermal Interface Materials and Thermal Underfills, Fans and Pumps, Thermosyphons and Refrigeration, Exaflop Computing Systems, Memory, Connectors, Advanced Substrates, Novel Cooling Techniques and Heat Transport, Heat Exchangers, Device-to-System Level Packaging, Multiscale Thermal Modeling

Flexible and Wearable Electronics

Fabrication, Printed Electronics, Substrate Materials, Thin-Die Handling, Hermetic Packaging, Interconnects, Sensors and Actuators, RF Resonators, Implantable Medical Devices, Microfluidic Systems, Biosystems and Biomedicine, Prognostics and Health Monitoring, Integration, Materials Interactions and Characterization, Reliability of Devices and Systems, Reliability Modeling and Simulation, Reliability Test Methods and Solder Joint Reliability.

Photonics and Optics

Photonics Packaging, Integrated Photonics, Optical Integration, Thermal and Mechanical Challenges for Optical Photonics Integration, Light Emitting and Laser Diodes - Thermal, Mechanical, Reliability and Integration Aspects. Power electronics: Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Packaging, Harsh Environment Sensors, High-Temperature Electronics, Interconnects, Novel Materials, Novel Devices, Thermal Management, Integrated Heat Sinks, Thermal Designed Modeling, High-Voltage Packaging, Reliability Modeling and Simulation, Package and Component Reliability and Prognostics, Interface/ Interconnect Reliability.

Energy Conversion and Storage

Energy Harvesting, Energy Storage, Thermoelectrics, Photovoltaics, Fuel Cells, Batteries, Integration in Systems, Safety, Thermal Management, Fast Charging, Diagnostics, Design, Manufacturing, Recycling.

Autonomous, Hybrid, and Electric Vehicles:

Electronics for Vehicle Electrification, High-Temperature Sensors, RADAR, LIDAR, Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)Electronics, MEMS Packaging, Control Systems, Electronic Materials, Nano satellites, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Electronics, Hybrid Packaging, Prognostic Health Monitoring, Vehicle Charging, Wireless Power Transfer, Electric Motors/ Machines, Motor Control Sensing, Battery Management.