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Video: Heterogenous Integration Challenges & Opportunities Panel


  • Dr Gamal Refai-Ahmed, PhD, LFASME, FCAE, PEng (Ont), Xilinx Fellow and Chief Thermo- Mechanical Architecture
  • Dr Leila Choobineh, PhD, Assistant Professor, SUNY Polytechnic Institute


  • Prof Bahgat Sammakia, PhD, FASME, FIEEE, FNAT, Vice President of Research, Binghamton University
  • Prof Amr Helmy, PhD, Professor University of Toronto
  • Dr Ravi Mahajan, PhD, FASME, FIEEE, Intel Fellow (Tech Vice President)
  • Dr Suresh Ramalingam, PhD, Xilinx Fellow(Tech Vice President)


This panel was conducted to address one of the HIR objectives on How as AMSE/IEEE Thermo-Mechanical& Packaging community can develop roadmap/technology options without compromising IP and without bias?

The panelists addressed the following areas:

  • Is industry leading or misleading the PKG roadmap based on interface standards?
  • Roadmap Fairness to different technologies
  • Can Roadmap Provision the Future?
  • Can Roadmap build on research with misalignment with Si manufacturability and architecture?
  • Can academia produce a valuable proposition to the industry?