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Student Travel Award


The ICEM 2023 Travel Award is intended for students interested in pursuing careers in industry, in government or in academia pertinent to the subject matter of the meeting, scheduled to be held in Stuttgart, Germany from October 3 to October 7, 2023.

Students provided with this funding are expected to participate and attend in the ICEM 2023 meeting. Priority will be given to those presenting a paper or a poster that they have authored or co-authored. Additional activities relevant to students and young engineering professionals may be added to the conference program to provide other opportunities for student participation.

The initial deadline for submitting the application is: July 31, 2023. Please send applications to Martin Edelson at

Student Travel Award Application

Early applications will have a better chance of getting travel costs supported.

The Award consists of:

  • One Complimentary ICEM 2023 Conference Registration
  • Up to $2,000 towards approved travel expenses (in the form of reimbursement post conference with proper receipts, amount may vary depending on volume and need)

Eligible expenses may include:

  • Round-trip, coach-class airfare (booked at least three weeks in advance of travel), bus or rail for the Conference.
  • Standard Hotel room stay during conference dates only
  • Transportation or mileage to and from home airport; Parking at the airport; Transportation to and from airport and hotel at Conference
  • Charges for purchasing a travel visa.
    • If a Visa is needed for your travel, do not delay the process as appoint times are longer than expected in some countries.

To qualify students must have obtained an academic degree in an engineering or other discipline related to the conference topics or be enrolled in a course of study related to conference topics. The Travel Award is open to Post-doctoral Fellows who have been in this status for no longer than five years full-time equivalent.

A paper or poster being presented can include research results from work completed either while pursuing an academic degree or Post-doctoral research.

Nomination Requirements

The application package must contain: a) A letter (max 1 page) explaining why the selection committee should approve this application. b) A completed and signed application form providing the information requested (see below). c) Other documents the applicant wishes to attach to support the application (e.g., letters of recommendation)

Student Travel Award Application

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