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ASME TEC Talk - Members Only Webinar

ASME's TEC Talks are a member-only webinar series which discusses the latest in research, industry trends, and practical application across engineering disciplines. As preview for the upcoming International Conference on Environment Remediation and Waste Management (ICEM), ASME is proud to offer our latest TEC Talk for anyone to watch. In this Tec Talk, a panel of four expert guest speakers provide a synthesis of the work done by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the area of Decontamination, Decommissioning, and Dismantling (D3) of nuclear power plants in support of its Member States. The webinar highlights the main accomplishments in the international arena by the IAEA and points out the outstanding challenges that remain to be addressed. The panel the discussed how the ICEM2023 Conference provides insight into 4 critical topics including radioactive waste management (RWM), spent fuel management, decommissioning operations, and environmental remediation. The content of the conference will also provide a broad international overview of the situation of these four areas in the scope of countries with more and less advanced programs indicating potential areas for international collaboration.

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