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Student Contest


ASME, in support with IAEA are excited to bring this student competition to ICEM 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany, October 4-6, 2023.

This contest intends to foster the construction of the background conditions for a participatory decision-making process regarding decommissioning and environmental remediation activities. The process being simulated in this contest involves dealing with relatively complex situations which will demand appreciation of technical, social and economical information, with the objective of achieving an approach to dealing with proposed scenarios.

Participants of the different groups are not supposed to play any specific role, but just use their knowledge to articulate a series of questions to be posed to different stakeholders that might be relevant (in the view of the group) to inform the proposed course of action (in a participatory capacity) to deal with scenario the group has chosen.

This approach replaces the traditional decide—communicate—defend approach.

Although the contest has a competitive nature it will not indicate the "best" group neither the best performance, rather it will indicate the group that was able to demonstrate the most comprehensive understanding/assessment of the situation by addressing the different aspects to be observed in the given situations.

Contest Details

  • The Student Contest will be an included option for students registering for ICEM 2023 if they wish to participate.
    • There is a question to gauge interest in the registration process, but you can also join on site.
  • There will be a welcome session on October 4th at the conference to introduce the contest, form teams, display scenarios and the contest process.
    • Different groups will be formed on site. On their turn, the groups will choose from different scenarios where remediation or decommissioning apply (one scenario can be taken by more than one group).
    • Each group will be mentored by one professional.
    • The groups will be exposed to possible scenarios on the spot and will have time to discuss how to proceed to achieve the intended objectives.
    • The results of the individual groups will be presented to a jury composed by different professionals then the mentors. This jury shall be composed of representatives from contractors, regulators, consultants, members of the public, academia, etc.
  • Results will be presented on the final day of the conference (October 6th).
  • Groups will work on their own time during the conference to formulate results.

Travel Awards

Depending on funding availability, we expect a limited number of travel awards to attend the ASME ICEM 2023. The deadline to submit your student travel award application is July 31, 2023.

Travel Award Details
and Application

Award Information: To be announced

Scenarios: To be announced