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Dr. Jianlin Li

Dr. Jianlin Li

Dr. Jianlin Li
Argonne National Laboratory

Presenting in Track 8: Energy

Presentation Title: Electrode Processing and Manufacturing for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Abstract: The demand for lithium-ion batteries is ever-increasing with their applications to electrical vehicles and grid storage. Electrode processing and manufacturing plays an essential role in manufacturing cost and performance of lithium-ion batteries. This presentation will share several processes in fabricating electrodes and highlight their impact on energy consumption, manufacturing cost, electrode properties, and electrochemical performance.

Biography: Dr. Jianlin Li is the Energy Storage and Conversion department manager in the Applied Materials division. Jianlin's research area includes materials synthesis, processing and characterization, electrode engineering, cell manufacturing and prototyping for energy storage and conversion.

He received bachelor's degrees in Materials Chemistry and Electronic Information Engineering and a master's degree in Materials Science from the University of Science and Technology of China. Jianlin received his doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida and was most recently a senior R&D staff member and leader of the Energy Storage and Conversion Manufacturing Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Prior to joining Argonne, he spent almost 14 years at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he was the leader of the Energy Storage and Conversion Manufacturing Group. He was among a small team to establish the Battery Manufacturing Facility (BMF) at ORNL in 2012.

Jianlin is also the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the 2023 UT-Battelle Outstanding Research Output team award, 2021 UT-Battelle Research Accomplishment individual award, three R&D 100 awards and two Federal Laboratory Consortium awards. He holds more than 35 patents and patent applications with 7 licensed, has authored more than 170 refereed journal articles and 11 book chapters and edited one book.