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Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn't I receive any tickets with my badge?
The tickets and/or products you purchased with your registration are encoded onto your badge. Please wear this badge to all Turbo Expo related events.

What do the letters at the beginning of the session ID mean?
See the beginning of the technical session pages the Final Program for the Session ID key.

Is there a bank or ATM close by?
The nearest ATM is located across the street from the Ahoy in the Primark Mall.

What business services are available?
The nearest postal service is "PostNL Postkantoor." It is located in the "Winkelcentrum Zuidplein" shopping mall across the street.

Is there any Wi-Fi access at the Ahoy?
There is complimentary Wi-Fi in the Ahoy Conference Center.

Where can I purchase coffee or lunch?
There are scheduled coffee/tea breaks each morning and afternoon of the Conference. Lunch is included with all technical conference badges as well as exhibitor badges. There is also a restaurant located on the first floor of the AHOY convention center.

Where are the first aid services?
For first aid assistance, contact an IGTI staff person or a security officer.

Is there a coat check/luggage check service available?
There is a coat and bag check service available to attendees located on the first floor of the Ahoy Conference Center. The cost to check an item is €2.

Where can I find information about the city of Rotterdam, restaurants and tourist information?
There is city information provided at the information desk.

Where can I get information on public transit services?
They are included in the Turbo Expo Final Program.

Where is the nearest metro/bus stop?
It is across the street from the convention center. "Zudplein" station. The station only accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Is there a shuttle service between the convention center and my hotel?
No. Please refer to public transportation information on page.

What about parking at the Ahoy?
Rotterdam Ahoy has 2000 parking spaces. The price per car for a parking spot will normally cost you between €15.00 and €17,50. This varies per event. For more information, visit this link.

Where is the nearest grocery store?
It is located across the street in Primark.

Are there any Spouse/Guest Tours, and where can I get tickets or information?
See the Final Program for details. We have two vendors to choose from and you may reach out to the Point of Contact directly.

Registration Questions:
Refer to the registration desk onsite.

Is there a limit to the number of registrants accepted for Turbo Expo?
No limit. Registration may be advance or onsite.

Do you have a list of registrants?
ASME does not share attendee lists.

Can I attend the Keynote Session?
The keynote session is open to all Turbo Expo badged registrants.

Can I pay cash onsite for the registration fees?
Yes. Payment must be made in Euros.

How do I become a member of ASME?
Visit this link.

Will I receive a receipt onsite for the fees paid?
There is a registration receipt station in registration.

Do I need to pay to visit the exposition?
Yes. You may register as an exposition visitor to gain access to the exhibit hall at onsite registration if you do not have a technical conference badge or exhibitor badge.

I lost my badge. What should I do?
Go to the registration counter and ask for another badge to be printed. Registrant must have ID.

What audiovisual equipment is in the meeting rooms?
Each room will have a laptop and microphone, and pointer. Authors should plan to have their presentation on a flash drive.

Do I have to upload my presentation onto a central network before my session?
No. Presenters (authors, panelists, lecturers, tutorial instructors) should plan to use their flash drive presentations only on the laptop in the session room in which they will be presenting. Please arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to your session to prepare your presentation.

Session and Schedule Details:
See complete session details in the Final Program or on the APP.

Can I take pictures in the exhibit hall?
If you are an exhibitor, you may take pictures of your own booth. Otherwise, there is no photography allowed in the hall without the permission of the exhibitor.

Am I supposed to get a CD-ROM/DVD of Conference Papers?
No, there is no CD or DVD for the Conference. Conference papers are available online.

Where is my booth?
Refer to the Exhibit Directory in the Final Program.

When is the Expo open?
The exhibit hall is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:30-6:30pm and Thursday from 11:30-2:30pm.

Where are the Priority meetings for TURBO EXPO 2023 exhibit space?
IGTI Exhibit Sales Office in the exhibit hall.

Where/when is my committee meeting?
Refer to the Final Program for the schedule.

Where do I pick up the Best Paper Awards for my committee?
Committee awards should be picked up by the designated leader at the Information Desk in Registration.

Where do I sign up for Facility Tours?
Online using the direct links of the touring facilities.

Where is the exhibitor service contractor desk?
GES is available in the exhibit hall.

How do I become involved in an IGTI Committee?
See the Final Program for a Summary of Committee Activities scheduled for TURBO EXPO. IGTI Committee meetings are open to all.

Will I be issued a PDH certificate?
Technical Conference delegates will receive an email in July with a certificate of their attendance (Professional Development Hours).