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Tom Hickling & Li He, University of Oxford

Tom Hickling is a final year DPhil candidate in the University of Oxford Department of Engineering Science. He is also a stipendiary lecturer at Somerville College. He completed his MEng degree at Durham University in 2018.

Tom's DPhil research, supervised by Prof. Li He, focusses on the assessment of turbulence modelling in rotating cavity flows, and the development of multi-scale approaches to enable the use of conjugate heat transfer with large eddy simulation. His wider interests include heat transfer, turbulence modelling, and computational fluid dynamics.

Li He is Statutory Professor of Computational Aerothermal Engineering at Oxford University. He had been the head of Osney Laboratory (2008-2011), overseeing a major 18-month lab relocation, selecting/acquiring the 2nd generation Oxford Turbine Rotor Facility, and doubling the number of academics during his headship.

After Ph.D. and a college research fellowship at Cambridge, he had been at Durham University as Lecturer, Reader and Professor before taking up Royal Academy of Engineering/Rolls-Royce Research Chair at Oxford (2008-2013). He currently serves as the Oxford co-director of the EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre in Gas Turbine Aerodynamics.

Prof He's main research interest is in unsteady aerodynamic, aeroelastic and aerothermal methods. He was among the first to develop the Fourier methods for turbomachinery in 1990s. His publications include more than 100 journal articles and 10 patents. A recipient of ASME/IGTI Best Paper Awards in Heat Transfer (2009, 2017, 2020), Turbomachinery (2015, 2020) and Steam Turbine (2017), he also received the 2017 GPPS Best Paper Prize. A guest editor and associate editor for International Journal of CFD, Aeronautical Journal and Journal of Turbomachinery, he is currently the editor-in-chief for Journal of GPPS. Li He is Fellow of ASME (2006) and Fellow of Royal Aeronautical Society (2011).