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Call for Nominations: Avram Bar-Cohen Memorial Medal

Avram Bar-Cohen

The prestigious InterPACK Achievement Award has been elevated to an ASME society level award and renamed as the Avram Bar-Cohen Memorial Medal. The medal is to honour a distinguished member of the electronic packaging community, Prof. Avram Bar-Cohen. In keeping with tradition, the award will continue to be given to a single individual at each InterPACK Conference. The same format will continue for this year’s award with the winner to be announced prior to the InterPACK 2024 Conference, to be held in San Jose, CA, USA, October 8-10, 2024.

Nominations are solicited for the 2024 Avram Bar-Cohen Memorial Medal. Candidates must have demonstrated excellence over years and international recognition in the areas of research and development related to electronic packaging. They must also have a high level of service accomplishments to the technical community at large. Scientific and technical leadership is demonstrated by multiple means, including but not limited to publications, patents, technology and product development, and academic advising.

The nomination package should include:

  1. ASME Achievement Award Nomination Form
  2. A nomination letter with justification of the candidacy; no more than two pages
  3. Up to three additional letters of support. A minimum of two letters is required
  4. Detailed curriculum vitae of the nominee

Please send the nomination package through the relevant ASME Awards website, by 11:59 PM US Pacific Time, February 15, 2024.

Past nonwinners will be grandfathered for two years beyond the original year of nomination. Any nominee that has gone through three cycles of the Award process will have to wait out one year before renomination. Incomplete nominations, or those submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Past winners include:

  • 1999 Alan Kraus, Naval Postgraduate School
  • 2001 Prof. Wataru Nakayama, ThermTech International & Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • 2003 Richard Chu, IBM Corporation
  • 2005 Prof. Avram Bar-Cohen, University of Maryland
  • 2007 Prof. Dereje Agonafer, University of Texas at Arlington
  • 2009 Prof. Yogendra K. Joshi, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2013 Prof. Y.C. Lee, University of Colorado
  • 2015 Prof. Bahgat G. Sammakia, Binghamton University
  • 2017 Prof. Kenneth E. Goodson, Stanford University
  • 2018 Dr. Ravi V. Mahajan, Intel Corporation
  • 2019 Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta, University of Maryland
  • 2020 Prof. Cristina H. Amon, University of Toronto
  • 2021 Prof. Shi-Wei Ricky Lee, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
  • 2022 Prof. Pradeep Lall, Auburn University
  • 2023 Dr. Sreekant Narumanchi, National Renewable Energy Laboratory